domingo, 30 de junio de 2013

Tutorial Alabaster Angel (ENGLISH VERSION)

Tutorial CT for P-O Concept, and myself.

For this tutorial we going to use the awesome kit ALABASTER & SHADOW, by P-O Concept. You can find the the kit here on SATC
Also, I use my tube, ARIES + Angel, Angel version of course. Please, take a look on SATC.

For this tutorial only need the kit, the tube and 2 differents mask: The mask called "beckymask 038" by Becky from SecretsoftheImagination. The web is donw, but if you search on google, I'm sure that you can find it easily. The other one is the mask called "Avital_MaskVol1_FreeM2" by avital Designs from (can find the mask on this store for free). The font used is "Birch Std"

Lets go. Open the folder of your kit, elements, and we going to put the following elements on a transparent canvas, size 600X600 pix.

element 24
element 1
element 2
element 43
element 35
element 36
element 46
element 51

Please, follow the next preview like a reference position:

Next step is put the close up tube behind the windows blend mode: screen
duplicate the tube layer and put it on the mode: luminosity - opac. 50%
paper 12 behind the tube

Follow this preview as reference

Now is time to put the tube full body - and get shadows 40 - 3 - 0 - 10

And also put the element 54, I think is so cute and tender :D

Copy all and paste as new layer

resize the image (ControlT) at 95%

And now, we going to play with Effects.
Filter - Blur - Gaussian blur - 37
New layer  - blend mode - Overlay (yes, only the transparent layer), and put this layer under the layer of the gaussian blur.
Now, merge this 2 layer with ControlE (blur and transparent)

Put the paper 1 under your last layer and combine with the Becky mask.
Later, put the paper 10 and apply the mask of Avital.

Later, put your name, and very important, the credits on the tags, and is ready!!!

Tutorial made by Pandora-Creations on jun of 2013. Please, don't steal my work. If you want to follow the tut and send me your work, you can do it at the email that I show on my blog. If you want to show this tutorial on your blog or forum, please, ask me first.
Thank you, enjoy with your PS / PSP !!!

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